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My Favorite: Colonial Style

A bit of everything that is different from what is fashionable today – this will make the interior special and timeless. Giving it character will virtually “force” the designer to pay attention to the ambiance of the apartment and to think about what matches what. I personally love to lose myself in this... Follow me to the colonies, it will be fun!

Tropical flower patterns define the main character of this style


exotic animal patterns, the elephant, panther, monkey


Abundant use of zebra hair, leopard hair. Of course, they are not original these days, but rather replicate textures. 

The toille patterns with hints of exotic scenes are especially exciting! What I like about the collection of Manuel Canovas is that they relax the stuffy patterns with novel use of colors.

 It’s worth giving a try to put wallpapers on each wall of a room like a box! (As more of a gag for antechambers, toilets, winter gardens. Attention! Do not use the same textile this time!) 

Bamboos, shutters, the black color and overhead fans go well with the colonial style. If you look at contemporary photos closely, you will notice that art deco also readily adopted these styles.

It is therefore no miracle that an ocelot patterned item, a small curtain depicting jungle vegetation, or my favorite, the monkey tapestry will do wonders to the ambiance of a contemporary apartment furnished with art deco furniture.

These components readily provide relief from the somber boredom of glossy brown beige.


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