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How to Start Working on Minor Upgrades

During the holiday season at the end of the year as well as long winter nights, we tend to spend more time at home. As a result, it’s easier to take notice if the furnishing of a room or a corner is outdated, not nice, or even non-existent.
I will use the example below to show you how I go about mini projects such as this. Feel free to follow my lead!

In this apartment of a family of 6, which is part of a terraced house, each m2 reflects careful design, as children and parents of various ages need their own space to both relax and spend time together. For all of this, a total of approximately 90 m2 is available. And an attic, where unused musical instruments, obsolete sporting equipment – that is, all the junk has been exiled. This could make a great “girls’ room”, don’t you think?

Step 1

Careful survey of the area to be worked on, which in our case is the attic.
This needs to be done even in the case of the smallest area! Next, it’s time for a drawing lesson. Put it down on paper! 

Step 2

Once you have the basics, determine the location of specific functions.
A - storage, dressing, grooming
B - sleeping
C - chatting, watching TV, playing
D - studying

Keep it real! Always align your desires with your financial and spatial options.
As you can see, in this case, the couch also acts as the bed.
A minor trick: a plasterboard wall behind the staircase. This provides you with vertical space for a mirror.

Step 3 

Defining the style
Look for pictures. However, these shouldn’t be images of interiors, as they tend to hold your gaze.

Too much to chose from, isn’t there? And now for the difficult part! To let some ideas go and narrow your options until harmonic unity is achieved.

Step 4

Selection of materials as depicted on the collage.

  • Note the proportion of each image in our collage which contributes to the whole. These proportions should reflect the proportions of the surfaces available in the room. Large surface: wall and floor
  • Pay attention to the harmony of structures:
    • The touch and gloss of different colors should be similar.
    •  Select the structures for the tone in tone style.
  • Parts that are conspicuously very trendy should only appear on small surfaces, this makes them easier to replace.


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