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Elements of Style from Distant Locations in our Home – this is ETHNO


Those that have been following me to some extent will be well aware that I’m a passionate traveler who is interested in everything from the closest neighbors to the most distant cultures. 




When I travel, my subconscious stores what I see: use of materials, colors, surface structures will rise to the surface when needed and seep into my plans.

I like to integrate the handicraft items of Africa and Asia, as these items will make interiors with minimal ambiance more mellow and unique.  




You can achieve a stronger “tribal” effect with the use of rustic surfaces that are reminiscent of a mortar finish. Make sure to paint over these with natural pigment based paint to make the final result look faded and worn! (Avoid artificial “patching”, it is conspicuously unoriginal)



The ethno style is based on neutral colors found in nature. These can be decorated with colorful accessories that are rich in patterns. Choose lighter, loosely woven cambrics, linen, and rougher surfaces with a stronger structure. 




How far you are willing to go is up to how you feel: whether to use hammered metal lamps which are fashionable today and are reminiscent of Morocco, copper surfaces, cement slabs, 


or just show a bit of each element to spice things up and to achieve a refined, cosmopolitan interior.




I’m a fan of both, beauty comes in many varieties.

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